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Rescue & Rehab

Rescue & Rehabilitation

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust has excellent stabling, facilities and experience to help rehabilitate horses and ponies. Many horses and ponies arrive into care in a very neglected state and it takes weeks and even months to bring them back to full health. Once rehabilitated fully IHWT horses and ponies become available for rehoming to suitable caring homes.

Rose Rose, a young thoroughbred filly found in bad condition, is making a good recovery. She is already provisionally booked to go to a new home when fully recovered. 
Tilly and Baby Summer Tilly, a neglected little pony mare was in foal when taken into care. Sadly she has obviously suffered much abuse throughout her life which has left her traumatised and defensive.  She gave birth to a healthy filly foal called Summer who is doing well. Tilly may never find a suitable home but will remain in the care of IHWT and will never again suffer.
Photo to come shortly Three Old Folks, Mable, Tony and Valerie, came into care at various stages over late Spring.  Mable and Tony have already gone to live in new homes and Valerie is provisionally booked for a new home when fully back to health.

Jack is a pony gelding,steel grey and very pretty. He was terrified of people when first taken into care, but after weeks of good care and understanding, he became a healthy and happy pony. Chancer is a pony gelding, bay with black points. He has a lovely calm temperament - although initially when rescued he was very nervous of people. Jack and Chancer went off to a new home together in Co Meath and are enjoying living in the lap of luxury together!  Everyone at IHWT was delighted that they were homed together as the two are very close pals.
Princess Princess, a 13hh grey pony mare had clearly been neglected for a long time. Apart from being extremely thin, her hooves were also neglected and she was very lame. She started to put on weight within a few weeks but most of it seemed to be going around her middle. Sure enough the vet soon confirmed that she was in foal! Princess has now gone out to a lovely home with a family who are delighted with her and are happy that she will be having the foal. The photo shows Princess ready to go to her new home.


Two little ponies that came into care are called Tutter, a 2 year old miniature Shetland, and OJ a grey pony foal. Both were in very poor condition. In addition Tutter was missing almost half of his hair and OJ was really in a very weak state. Both little ponies were very frightened initially and great care had to be taken to gain their trust. We stabled the two tiny tots together and they soon settled in. Both little ponies have gone to a fabulous new home and will be staying together.



Winston is a half bred 4 year old gelding who was found in very bad condition. He was also extremely head shy. Following veterinary treatment, worming and treatments for lice, he started to put on weight.  He soon became friendly and there was then no problem putting on the head collar. It turned out that he had been broken and ridden and having been with us for only a few months moved on to a lovely new home. He is hacked out occasionally and shares his new home with four mares!
Sorry no photo available Molly, an Irish Draught Cross-bred mare was only four when she was taken into our care. She had been left in winter on a bare paddock with no grazing or hay. She has a beautiful kind nature. Following veterinary treatment and feeding, she was later re-homed with a lovely family who love her.
Silver Silver was a four year old Palomino who was taken into care in an appalling state. He was emaciated and dehyrated. Everyone put in a huge effort for him including 2 hourly checks throughout the night. Although initially he made progress in care, it transpired that he had sustained serious kidney damage through his neglect and sadly he had to be put to sleep.
Sorry no photo available Two TB Mares were found in appalling condition. Both were emaciated. Hazel was covered in ringworm. Ella had the end of glass bottle embedded in lower leg and heel. They were both rehabilitated and re-homed.
Sorry no photo available Another poor horse was found on a piece of common ground in winter so emaciated and weak that he had to be put to sleep. It would not have been possible to move or transport him into care. Sadly it was too late. Perhaps if he had been noticed earlier he might have had a chance.
Sorry no photo available Murphy was found in very poor condition with severe injuries to his lower leg. It was a big operation involving veterinary help to transport him into care. There were weeks of special feeding and veterinary care for Murphy. His injury was so severe that he would never again be able to have a rider on him but luckily a lovely home was found for him as a companion to a donkey.
Sorry no photo available Barney was only 6 months old when he was found emaciated, dehydrated and with a dislocated jaw. It took weeks of veterinary treatment and care at IHWT before he even began eating properly again. Happily he made a full recovery and is now in a lovely home.

If you are interested in rehoming a horse or pony from the IHWT, please check out our Rehoming section.

Report Distress
If you see a horse or pony in distress or being mistreated, contact us immediately. Please provide us with accurate directions and location details with a description of the horse or pony.

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