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Rescue & Rehab

Rescue & Rehoming

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust is a voluntary organisation set up for the protection of Equines in Ireland, which includes Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of horses and ponies. 

Soon after moving into Redcross, a little black four year old Shetland stallion ( pictured above) was taken into care. He was in a bad state, emaciated and missing patches of his hair. He was given the name ‘Tarzan’. He had to spend over six weeks in isolation for strangles and undergo treatments for ringworm, lice and worms. He has recovered well now though and is quite a little character. He is booked to go to a new home after castration which cannot be done for a while yet. Here is a picture of ‘Tarzan’ taken four weeks after he came into care.

Two thoroughbred horses and a pony also came into care from Co. Carlow. They are called ‘Holly’, ‘Lucy’ and ‘Setanta’ and they are all doing well.

The IHWT rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses and ponies to a loan home for the rest of their lives. IHWT does not sell horses or ponies. We take great care that any horse or pony loaned out by us is in good health, has been immunised, has had its hooves and teeth attended to and is ready to go to a suitable home. We inform the loaner of any health or behavioural problems. By the time a horse/pony is fit to go to a loan home, a considerable amount of time and money has been invested in it. In line with other Charities, we ask loaners to make a contribution of 150 Euro for loaning a pony and 300 Euros for loaning a horse. The IHWT only loans out horses and ponies to homes which are approved by IHWT and monitors horses and ponies throughout their lives in their loan homes.

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If you are interested in rehoming an ex-racehorse please check out our Racehorse Section

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