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Racehorse Re-training for Rehoming Programme

IHWT has initiated, for the first time in Ireland, a programme for the re-training for re-homing of ex-racehorses. Hundreds of horses leave racing each year. Many of these horses could be re-schooled for other disciplines. This programme aims to help some of these horses to go on to a new career in a new home and live out a happy useful life. Such programmes have been successful overseas.

Lute being long-reined

The first horse entered the programme early in September 2002. The six year old Gelding was originally called "Flower Hill Lad" but was renamed "Dancer". His racing career had ended following a tendon injury and was given into the care of IHWT. He was helped by the complementary treatment of "Reiki" for his tendon injury and within a couple of months was making a remarkable recovery. Having come out of a very stressful career in racing he had also exhibited behavioural problems, but following the time and care he received, he settled down to his new lifestyle and today is a happy horse in his new home.

Another ex-racehorse came into care before Christmas called "Gerry".  He is an older horse with a few problems and luckily a lovely suitable home was recently found for him. 

Presently we have 4 ex-racehorses given over by Trainers for the Racehorse Programme all of which are finished racing. They are 4 lovely geldings with beautiful temperments and very suitable for re-training.  The re-training of these horses will begin at the end of July 2003. Currently there are 3 ex-racehorses waiting to come in.

The Racehorse Re-training Programme is part-funded by Horse Racing Ireland, for which IHWT is very grateful.

It takes a minimum of 6-9 months to re-train and re-school an ex-racehorse and this time can increase depending on the individual. Racehorses come out of a highly stressful career and it takes time for them to settle into a new type of work. Most horses adapt happily given the chance and can go on to do other disciplines such as Hacking, Dressage or Show jumping. They are however not suitable for novice riders and need a lot of care and attention.

Racehorses at IHWT
Happy at IHWT


Dancer, the "First"

Loan Home Programme
The IHWT rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses and ponies to a loan home for the rest of their lives. IHWT does not sell horses or ponies. Please view our Loan Homes Application

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