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Irish Horse Welfare Trust
Irish people are said to have an affinity with the horse. Yet in the past few years there have been increased calls to animal welfare groups regarding horse welfare and major issues have arisen affecting horses in Ireland.

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) is a voluntary organisation set up for the protection of Equines in Ireland, which includes Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of horses and ponies. The IHWT continuously aim to increase welfare standards for all horses and ponies in Ireland.

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust was set up in May 2001 and gained Charitable Status in 2002. Charity No: CHY14634

What we do
IHWT is involved in the following work:

  • Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-homing of horses and ponies
  • Racehorse Re-training for Re-homing Programme
  • Campaigning on issues affecting Equines
  • Promoting Equine Welfare Awareness

Despite the instinctive and sensitive nature of horses, they learn to trust us. We feed and care for them, ride them and drive them. We have domesticated horses for centuries.  They have been with us during peaceful times - as fellow workers in the fields and throughout history - on the battlefield as noble and gallant companions.  Today there are just as many horses, still doing a multitude of tasks for us, for both sport and pleasure. IHWT is dedicated to the protection and welfare of Equines in Ireland. IHWT is dependant on donations and fundraising to continue to work for horses and ponies in need.


Retraining of Ex-Racehorses

If you are interested in rehoming an ex-racehorse please check out our Racehorse Section



Ruby is a 3 year old TB filly taken into care in an appalling state.  Read her story in the Rehoming section.



Irish Horse Welfare Trust, Ballydonnell Stables, Redcross, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Tel: 0404 45720,   Mobile: 086 6047840,   Email: info@irishhorsewelfaretrust.org

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